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What is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving a websites rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). This is primarily composed of two strategies for both on-site optimization and off-site optimization. Most web design businesses and CMS systems focus on the on-site optimization factors of SEO to make websites more readable and searchable by search spiders like Google and Bing. 

SouthFlo are experts in both on-site and the more critical off-site ranking factors. The most important of the 100+ ranking factors for any website is the number of inbound links. These are links from other websites to your own website. You can think of them like votes in the internet popularity contest. Each link conveys a certain level of authority and trust. The more websites in your business niche that convey authority and trust the more likely your website will rank. 

Link building is the hardest part of effective SEO. In fact many marketing companies tend ignore it entirely because they simply dont have the training or technology to use it effectively. This is one of the reasons so many business owners have had bad experiences with SEO firms in the past. 

At SouthFlo we understand the power of effective link building, but also utilize a number of other advanced strategies for ranking websites. Because our SEO's are both highly trained and innovative we are using strategies in 2017 our competition has not only never heard of, but will likely not catch on to for months or years to come. It is this ability to stay ahead of the curve that allows us to beat the competition in literally every circumstance and for every client.

If you have had a had experience with an SEO company in the past, we would love to spend a few minutes reviewing your website to determine what went wrong. Even if you have no desire to move forward with hiring us, you will find the information valuable and insightful. 

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SEO: The New Normal in West Palm Beach

Traditionally, most businesses used the phone book, print advertising, direct mail, television and other mixed media to get the visibility they needed, but when the Internet became a widely used resource, they needed to change their tactics. Today’s businesses owners are aware that when people search for service providers and products they are doing it online in Google.

The web has become the new global marketplace for consumers to find and interact with your brand. Word of mouth has been replaced by testimonials and reviews while price comparison shopping happens without leaving the comfort of the computer. 

People are looking for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems. It is no longer enough to show up in the phone book for "Plumber' or "Lawyer". You must now rank for "fix broken water heater in west palm beach" and "what to do after car accident on the 95". Rather than searching for the solution provider category people are typing the actual problems and product names into the search results.

This is made even more complex by the fact that the variety of problems and solutions is far more broad than phone book categories. A large number of google's searches each day are unique and for the first time. People find new ways to communicate what they are looking for. It has never been more critical to have a website that is optimized for search and loaded with authority from inbound links from other websites.

Contact Southflo today and find out how we can help you navigate this complex digital marketplace.

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Getting Started

When you sign on with us, we start an in-depth analysis of your business. Our goal is to make sure the marketing is going to match your business processes.

A Website Audit allows our experts to analyze all the parts of your site (if you have one) and take note of your successes, as well as problems that need improvement. While some of these improvements may be cosmetic, our analysis covers more than just color scheme and font choice—we look at the smallest details that other West Palm Beach SEO firms may ignore or miss.

Its important the quality of your website is up to par even on the code level. We need to cross our t's and dot our digital i's to get the best results. 

This includes dozens of potential factors, we will provide a full report of our initial research as well as an in depth document explaining the issues that might need attention.

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"Aaron is one of the top SEO experts out there and really drills down what your business needs to get fantastic results.  Highly recommended!"
Elizabeth Engen / Legal Revenue Service
"Aaron and the entire team are some of the hardest working people I know. He is constantly improving his tactics and his clients benefit every time."
Gregory Ortiz / Digital Rooftop LLC
"The power of their services is staggering and pose incredible opportunities for business owners such as myself to grow."
Linden Schwark / Vancouver SEO
"Aaron's team provides outstanding skills and recommendations when it comes to SEO and lead generation services. Highly recommended!"
Scott Ryan / Task One
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