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Our campaigns are structured so that we only get paid when you see success! We share the same profit motive with our clients, which puts us on the same team as partners, sharing the risk together.

We often recommend pay per click right along with our search engine optimization and facebook advertising campaigns. From accounts spending just a few hundred dollars a month to accounts running million dollar ad budgets, we have the experts at hand who can handle your next project.
South Florida businesses who want to drive immediate business can use Google's Adwords network to deliver ads to targeted local customers. Optimized Adwords campaigns often deliver great return on investment, and faster than SEO. We are Google Certified professionals. 


See your sails increase week after week with a professional Google Ad Words strategy. We tailor our campaigns to your specific company and industry. The time from launch to profit for a modest investment is unmatched by pay per click advertising.

Serving West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Port St Lucy, and South Florida

We have been working with Ad Words since its first revision back in 2002. With countless campaigns under our belts we are Adwords veterans. Our strategies and techniques are a mix of experience and learned from the top names in the industry. 

We view pay per click as both a long and short term strategy. Many SEO firms will tell you that you should use pay per click at the beginning of an SEO campaign because they want you to see some results quickly. They know that if given a few months without results you may fire them before the SEO campaign can really deliver. 

Pay per click and Adwords is a great long term strategy if it is providing ROI. The first position in the ad display usually gets 7% of the clicks from search traffic. The first organic position generally gets about 20% of the clicks. That means when you shut down a profitable adwords campaing you could be cutting almost a third of your potential buying traffic out of your marketing campaign!

One of the keys to successful campaigns is to do more than just outbid them. Better offers generate higher click through, and are by in large cheaper. Many people using Adwords don't take the relevance scores into account so they spend far more than they should for the same ads we buy on the cheap!

Just like SEO can be optimized, pay per click campaigns can be finely tuned to perform better. Much of this is simply having experience behind you, and patience. Many advertisers give up before they could possibly be successful. New Paragraph


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Adwords Tips and Techniques

  • Keywords selection is critical. You should focus on "money" keywords people will type in on the last search before they make a purchase. If you can buy other phrases for pennies, they can be a good addition to a content marketing strategy.

  • It is critical to have your KPI (Key Performance Indicators) locked down so that you can reach a realistic MCPA (Maximum Cost Per Aquisition) for each sale. You should be able to track the exact ROI of your campaign, if you can't you may be losing money without knowing it.

  • Spent 99% of your time creating the offer. The initial offer will make our break your campaign. Usually we like to test many offers against each other to see which one will provide the best ROI. 

  • Use custom landing pages. When you pay for someone to visit your website you should not give them the option to surf your pages. Instead you should focus on getting them to do one thing. For instance, call your sales team, submit their email address, or make a purchase. 

  • Think outside the box. New features like call only campaigns are powerful for some businesses. If you offer an emergency towing service, you should be trying to get calls, not clicks. If you run a professional services company you should be using display network ads right along with your search network ads. Be creative and use the tool to its full potential. 

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