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Web design companies are a dime a dozen these days. Let us help you grow revenue by delivering more customers.


Why SouthFlo?

Experience You Can Trust

We are a professional marketing agency that has been building websites since 1998. We have built it all, from startups to multinational corporate websites and everything in between. We have a decade more experience than most providers in the space.

Real Support

We are not a website factory, and we do not identify as a "web design" company. Everything we do is about partnering with business owners to create marketing solutions. We are a phone call away, and we care about your success.

The Art of Business

Building a website is not like making art, its a business tool that should drive real customers through your doors. We don't build online brochures, we create marketing masterpieces that look good, but more importantly, deliver real tangible ROI to your bottom line.

Powerful Technology

We have software developers, world class SEO's and graphic designers on staff. One of our greatest strengths is in our ability to innovate with world class technology to provide best of breed solutions to our clients. We tackle hard projects "web design" companies simply could not approach as a regular course of business.
“I met Aaron about 8 years ago through a highly respected client of mine. I found he was exceptional at web design and an amazing coder. Now, with his focus on SEO, he'll be a powerhouse at creating organic search traffic for your websites.”

Glen Woodfin

Website Designer
Acapulco Web Design
“Aaron’s expertise in Web Development, Internet Marketing, Team Leadership and Brand Strategy are second to none. Aaron’s determination and dedication to excellence in these areas will make him an invaluable addition to any organization”

Rich Land

Business Development Manager
True Life
“Aaron is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to customized, hand-coded websites. His brain is like a sponge... the amount of details he can remember is scary!”

Jennifer Bailey

Web Marketing Strategist
Story Collaborative

South Florida Web Design

If you are looking for a team of dedicated web design experts in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, or Port St Lucy, we are the team you are looking for. Our team members have worked with companies from around the globe, but South Florida and the Palm Beach area is our central focus. We want to deliver the local support and business relationships that distance would make impossible. 

Most of the companies in South Florida building websites are using the same aging toolset. Primarily tools like Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. These websites are common, and many of them are very well done. We tend to walk a different path. We have our own proprietary technology that loads three times faster than the average wordpress website. This gives us a clear edge in Search Engine Optimization, and converting visitors who are just surfing into visitors who are engaged to stick around.

In addition to our own in house software we also develop software in platforms like Ruby on Rails, React, and Expression Engine. Large custom projects often require more flexibility than wordpress. Don't worry if you have your heart set on wordpress, we are also wordpress experts with thousands of sites under our belt (before we saw the light!).

Our primary business locations are in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens. However, we do serve, Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Jupiter, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Port St Lucy and occasionally as far as Miami. 

We have clients in a number of different verticals. We have built a lot of different projects over the years including web design for law firms, church web design, nonprofit website designs, roofing, hvac, plumbing, water damage restoration, painting, flooring, and construction website design. We have built websites for authors, artists, politicians, bands, doctors, cosmetic surgeons, and dentistry website design. We have also done work for insurance agencies, funeral homes, chiropractors, and towing companies. 

We are small business web design experts, and would love to help your business take your marketing to the next level with a beautiful website that connects customers to your products and services.


Lead Marketing Strategist

Aaron Mills has been developing websites and other digital marketing since before the original dot com crash. With more than a decade of search marketing experience, and a firm grasp of Ruby on Rails he is the marketing mad genius of SouthFlo.


Our process has been developed over years to get the best results in the fastest possible turn around. These days everyone already has a website, which means they come to us looking for something more, or different, or better, or more in line with their business goals. Besides artists, building a website is hardly most people's favorite activity. But when it's done right it will yield tangible results that help comfort you that you have made the right decision for your business. Imagine what that will feel like when the process is over and you have a website that meets your needs and provides your business a strong digital presence. 


We need to understand your business. How do you generate revenue? What key performance metrics can we use to measure the impact your website is going to have? What purpose will each page serve, and how do we track each result.

We can't make great marketing decisions until we understand your process. Once we have had our initial discovery interview we will identify the specific "conversion" goals your website will have. These might be something like "Intake New Patient" or "Onboard New Client". But they could also be as simple as "Signup for special offers" or "Download the free guide".

During this process we will also learn about your design preferences, any special features you want to see included and other websites you are fond of. This will help guide us in understanding how to choose design ideas to present you with. 


We have a lot of design options at our fingertips. When design agencies don't have enough clients they get hard to work creating future designs they can resell on the open market. This means there are tens of thousands of pre-built designs we can use as a starting point. In the case where you want a custom design from scratch we do that as well for an added fee. 

You tell us what you love and hate and we arrive at a design you are excited about. Then its time to get all your content gathered together, because the next step in our process is unique, and we bet you have never seen it before.

One Day Build

In our experience the website design process is usually long and hard. Honestly its usually way to long and this puts a lot of stress on the relationship. This is because designers get busy and don't deliver as soon as they should and clients get busy and don't deliver content they are responsible for when we agreed. 

We prevent this entire situation by building your small business website in a single day. We sit in our office in front of our computers and use a video conference screen-sharing application so you can sit in yours and its like we are right in the same room. We set the build day with nothing else on the schedule. We both agree to make the website the number one priority for 4-8 hours until its done and ready to launch. 

We start the session with your desired design and imagery all ready to go, and you bring any content you are responsible to deliver. When we are done we launch a live website for your business. 

In some cases websites can be built in just an afternoon or a morning, and in some cases we need more time to write some software for you. But in the case of most businesses we build the site in a single day.

Mobile Friendly Websites

If your website is not mobile friendly, you might as well throw half of your visitors to your competition right now.

Read About Mobilegeddon

Website Pricing

We recommend a full marketing plan instead of just a website, but for clients who know what they want we offer the following website design packages.

Small Site


$29 / Per month 

Good For A New Business, Wedding, Or Event
Half Day Build

Professional Site


$29 / Per month 

Most Common Package
Complete Small Business Site
Full Day Build



For Quote

For Bigger Project
Custom Development
Agile Build


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