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No matter the industry, you customers are using social media every day. They are connecting with brands they love and products they want through social media just like they are connecting with old friends and keeping up with the latest family photos. 

Many business owners find that they don't have the time or energy to learn how to effectively manage the brand social media presence. We can step in and handle that part of your marketing for you, representing you in the best light possible and using the best strategies and industry practices available.


When talking to South Florida business owners we often hear the same story. Social media "experts" have told them all kinds of conflicting and often absurd sounding things about how they should be "connecting" with their customers. For one reason or another they have decided they just don't "get it", and social media becomes something they know is supposed to be important, but for what reason they could not tell you. 

At SouthFlo we help clients who are social media junkies, and those who couldn't tell you the difference between twitter and pinterest. 

Regardless of how you feel about social media, your brand is being talked about on social media. South Florida residents of all ages and demographics are using social media every day to talk to each other and those brands that are using social media as a tool to reach their target audience. 

One of the tools we use at SouthFlo for marketing is tracking numbers. We see a huge call volume run through our systems every day, and in 2015 we started noticing a new trend that was very surprising. 

The number of text messages sent to brick and mortar businesses is astounding. A new generation of adults who have children, mortgages, and jobs has never used a phone book, or had to remember a phone number. 

The internet has changed the world in ways that many of us are still just realizing. For a younger tech savvy generation text messaging is a logical way to reach an auto parts store, a plumber, or a doctor. 

This same younger generation are not the only ones who are reaching out to brands on twitter, facebook, and other social channels. We have met new clients on Linked In, Skype, and Twitter alike. When you make it easy for people to reach out to you on social media, just like its a phone call, an email, or a text message, they will be more likely to talk to you directly, than to just complain about you in public to the world. 


Twenty years ago when you wanted to get your car fixed you would take it to the mechanic you had a relationship with. If you didn't have a mechanic you would ask a buddy for a recommendation, or you would look in the phone book and call a couple of auto shops and ask a few questions about price and timing. 

Today when people make a buying decision about nearly anything they are using different tools and following a different pattern. They might hear about a brand from a friend, search for them on google, visit their website, and then see them in an ad later on facebook. Then two weeks after this initial search they get an email, and that is the moment they purchased. If we gave the email all the credit we would be missing 80% of the picture. This same scenario is happening when people walk through the door to your business. The in-person visit should only be 10% of the picture. If it's not, you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. 

Brand loyalty is something from the past that has less relevance. We all love those repeat customers we can count on, but many buyers are simply less loyal than they used to be. This is because the number of marketing messages they are getting has skyrocketed. Your competition are showing your potential customers ads while they surf facebook, offering them deals on their cell phone through groupon, and sending regular emails with special offers. 

A professional social media presence is a part of the new sales and marketing eco-system. Your company deserves the best possible online brand management, and that includes your social media. 

You can't forgo having a website, but you also should realize people are buying on,,, ebay, groupon, craigs list, and a host of other online venues. You need to have a presence where they buying and selling is happening. Its as critical as having a physical location for foot traffic in an ever more digital world. 


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