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Help those retweets, shares, and likes add up to something more than just hype!


We all know that for the last five years social media has been "the next big thing" business owners have had to tackle in the world of digital marketing and customer relationship building. 

But what do all those facebook likes, or twitter retweets, or pinterest pins actually mean to your bottom line? if you get a lot of likes or shares or thumbs up is it going to help your business grow and profit?

The answer is that its complicated. User engagement is certainly an issue worth understanding, but its not black and white that engaged social audiences are worth more to brick and mortar businesses than disconnected customers responding to a direct mail piece.

Social Media is full of "clickers" and "buyers" and "likers" and "viewers". Some people like everything that passes in front of them, and some people click ads and links like no tomorrow. However there is little to no evidence that these people actually buy anything. Buyers, are a different demographic entirely. Certainly clickers and likers can also be buyers, but they are not the same metric by any stretch. 

So why then are things like likes and shares and positive engagement important for your business? The answer is actually fairly simple. They have friends who see the content they engage with. The ocean of non-clickers, and non-likers, still get to see the content their friends are engaging with. 


When talking to South Florida business owners about social engagement we immediately bring it back to the bottom line. If you can develop a following or an audience, some portion of that audience is in fact buyers, and some of them are brand evangelists who will not only buy, but encourage others to do so as well. 

Nurturing relationships with your biggest fans can put your products and services in front of a lot more faces. 

The next point we cover is that your ad spend can be dramatically cheaper if you can get some viral interaction with your advertising. That same facebook ad that looks more like natural content than an advertisement will get far more likes, comments, and shares. In turn people who are friends of those engaging with the ad are more likely to see it. This can dramatically lower your ad cost, while expanding your ad reach. 

So much of what happens online today happens outside of your website! People are interacting, reviewing, talking, sharing, and buying and selling on the social web. If your entire internet strategy is within the boundaries of your website, you are missing out on real opportunity.


Social media is a realm where everyone involved is self involved. People spend an enormous amount of time using social media, and the ways they interact with it are very predictable. 

Using the right content strategy can increase your engagement, lower your ad costs, and give you channels that you can use to present your content offers and lead magnets outside of your website. 

Viral content is an illusion that is backed up by smart marketing strategies and realistic ad budgets. We would love to help you craft a strategy that works for your business. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.


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