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SEO is only the tip of the iceburg for modern effective digital marketing. We bring a host of additional tools and strategies to bear for our clients to help them reach their goals.


The era of the phone book is dead and the Google has replaced it. If you are lost on page two of search results your business is invisible to the customers trying to find you. Search marketing helps resolve this problem by delivering more paying customers to your business.


People are looking for solutions to problems and answers to questions long before they are aware they need to buy something or hire someone. By capturing potential customers before they make a buying decision you can get ahead of the curve and gain an impressive ROI in the process.


People are not looking to "be social" with your business on social networks. Forget the social media "experts". Your business needs to protect its brand on social media by getting more great reviews. Gain new customers by using ad campaigns with clever strategies on social networks like Facebook and Youtube.


Do you need to provide more qualified hot leads to your sales staff? We are experts in delivering high quality on demand leads through digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies. If you need B2B lead generation, more B2C prospects, or to simply increase return customer visits and customer retention, we can help you.


"Aaron is one of the top SEO experts out there and really drills down what your business needs to get fantastic results.  Highly recommended!"
Elizabeth Engen /Minnesota Legal Revenue Service
"Aaron and the entire team are some of the hardest working people I know. He is constantly improving his tactics and his clients benefit every time."
Gregory Ortiz / Digital Rooftop LLC
"The power of their services is staggering and pose incredible opportunities for business owners such as myself to grow."
Linden Schwark / Vancouver SEO


Florida Small Business Digital Marketing

By Aaron Mills 22 Nov, 2017
In 2016, Instagram's new algorithm rocked the social media world. It was announced that the image-based platform would follow suit with Facebook and stop showing posts chronologically. Since then, Instagram has been showing its users what it thinks they want to see — not necessarily the post recent posts. In addition, there have been additional developments in the algorithm in 2017. So the question is, how can marketers and small business owners "hack" the new rules of Instagram to maximize exposure and improve online lead generation?
By Aaron Mills 14 Nov, 2017
In many respects, the end of the year is a time for wrapping up business-related odds and ends, from getting those last deductible expenses in under the wire to running your final profit and loss calculations. But before you close the book on the current year, you'll want to make sure your relationships with clients, vendor partners and other businesses have a healthy head start for the following year. Let's look at some marketing practices that can turn the end of the year into a profitable investment in the future.
By Aaron Mills 30 Oct, 2017

If you’re an email, the fate you fear the most is languishing in the spam folder, there to be eventually deleted unread. If you’re a business that depends on online lead generation, you fear the same fate. Either scenario paints a bleak picture for a business and the customers it wants to serve.

By Aaron Mills 02 Sep, 2017
Bitcoin is a crypto-currency. I know that sounds a little crazy, especially if you have never really investigated it. 

Crypto-Currencies are interesting in and of themselves, and big investment advisers like Forbes suggest we should be careful investing in them because "they have no intrinsic value". 

The value of crypto-currencies, as they are so new, and can be kind of a fad, tend to rise and fall on a regular basis so keeping a lot of money in a crypto wallet can make you vulnerable to these kinds of swings you may not be ok with. 

So with those big drawbacks, why would you want to use Bitcoin as a currency, either to pay for things, or to accept payment. 

Here are the big reasons we like bitcoin, and we think you should at least consider it, or something like it for your business. 

People who buy silver and gold will tell you that they like to own something that has an intrinsic value. After all the dollar is not backed by gold anymore, and if the dollar were to take a big drop as a currency it would be financial Armageddon. Now keep in mind that sounds a little crazy, but if you do your own research you would find that a dollar collapse really would be a big problem. 

If the dollar fell apart due to hyper-inflation, or deflation, it could indeed be a bad day for everyone. Because retirement accounts are backed by treasury bonds, which are backed by what are basically IOU's because of QE actions by the fed. This outcome is quite possible. 

Also with the dollar being dropped as the worlds reserve currency for trading energy world-wide it is a real possibility. We try not to dwell on it. But the possible dollar problems in future decades are not the reason we like bitcoin. 

People who have been investing in "non dollars" because of this fear traditionally purchased old-school physical currency like gold and silver bullion. I am sure you have seen the ads for your gold backed IRA on the television. 

But lets consider this "intrinsic value". Yes Gold and Silver are in fact used for real world applications, but the actual value of them is only in what people are willing to pay for them in return. So in essence, how is that different than the dollar?

Intrinsic value is over-rated, and its quite possible no such things exists to a rational person. Everything has a value, and it has never ever been a mystery. 

An item, object, idea, service, and everything else have always been worth what someone else will pay for them. You see value is established in the transaction. You tell me a dollar is worth a loaf of bread, or an oz of gold, or a new truck. I can prove you wrong by simply selling it for more dollars. 

So now that we see bitcoins have no intrinsic value, and neither does anything else. What about these wild swings in the market?

The wild swings are real in bitcoin and they are a possible downside. If people decide bitcoins have no value, they will be worth nothing. End of story!

By Aaron Mills 13 Jul, 2017
301 Redirect – This is when we send visitors to one webpage to a different one automatically. We "redirect" them. There are different kinds of redirects that have their own numbers. The 301 Redirect means its a forever redirect. When you build a new website you need to 301 Redirect your old pages to your new ones if you change any of the URL's so that google knows its the same content and gives you credit for all those links.
By Aaron Mills 12 Jul, 2017
The sparks are going to fly in this one. Just to clarify we are not vindictive or angry or upset at any of these companies. They are just like 95% of the web design companies you find anywhere in the world. I am sure all of them have delivered beautiful websites and have clients that stand by them and trust them to provide results. 
By Aaron Mills 12 Jul, 2017
If your South Florida website is not mobile friendly you may be missing out on an 11% increase in traffic. Smaller websites may see an even larger increase! 

Half of all mobile searches are local in nature. That means people searching on a mobile phone or an ipad are looking for local businesses while they surf the web, but so many local business websites are not mobile friendly, they are missing out on potential business big time!

If your West Palm Beach or Jupiter business is not mobile friendly you could be losing as many as a thousand customers a year! Thats hundreds of phone calls and walk ins that are going directly to your mobile friendly competition!

At SouthFlo we have the solution to the problem. Reach out and let us help you, give us a call today.
By Aaron Mills 10 Jul, 2017
By Aaron Mills 10 Jul, 2017
The statistics are in and if your business is not mobile you are missing out big time. The potential business lost by lagging behind the mobile curve is staggering. 

Search Engine Optimization & More

SouthFlo is a digital marketing agency with a focus on driving more customers to our clients. We have a long track record of using Search Engine Optimization to help our clients get an edge on the competition for digital visibility. Customers are no longer using phone books and word of mouth reputations to find services and products. With the advent of google and social media customer loyalty is at an all time historical low. 

To stay above the competition companies need to establish full inbound content marketing strategies including paid ad buys, email marketing, and re-targeting. Even with these new powerful strategies traditional SEO is the backbone of providing consistent new organic visitors to digital marketing assets and websites. 

The hardest aspect of search marketing has and will continue to be link building strategies. Many newer digital marketing companies are simply incapable or uninformed on how to approach this issue. They declare with regularity that traditional seo is dead. Every year we beat these companies in the search results using the proven strategies we continue to innovate and pioneer. 

We are both Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified, and are among the top SEO's in the nation. We also have extensive experience in inbound marketing, automation tools, and brick and mortar sales and prospecting strategies. 

Not only have we been involved in digital marketing for the last 18 years, we have consulted for some of the most innovative projects currently online. We have worked for what the NY times called Facebook's most engaged community of 27 million followers, best selling authors, international organizations, large nonprofit's, automotive industry manufacturers, and small business owners in dozens of verticals. From law firms to chiropractors, roofers, and construction companies we draw on years of experience innovating in the world of digital marketing.
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